Jeff Koons Balloons | Little Gatherer

Super cool balloon animal sculptures, though not sure how that would go in my project.

Shine On

Jeff Koons continues to dazzle with major NYC retrospective and sculpture installation...

POPek #Artwork, #Creative, #Design


The striking POPek artwork by London-based artist Whatshisname is inspired by the famous Balloon Dog created by Jeff Koons, - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!


I am not so much a fan of his other works like pink panther, but I am really fond of his sculpture pieces that look like balloon animals, like the balloon dog.

Beetle Sphere

車を球体・正方形にする。 Beetle Sphere

Ichwan Noor – Beetle Sphere An Actual 1953 VW Beetle Formed into a Perfect Sphere currently on show at Art Basel Hong Kong. Created by Indonesian artist Ichwan Noor.

6 #JeffKoons Balloon Dog Sculptures, each in a different color.

Jeff Koons - Balloon Dogs Sculptures in various colours - stainless steel coated w' special paint

Blue Fiberglass Figure - Balloon Dog - Tribute to Jeff Koons

Blue fiberglass figure - Balloon Dog - Tribute to Jeff Koons. Art & Ambiance is your partner when it comes to modern exterior and interior desi.