Squids and Octopus 2 Sided 1972 Encyclopedia Book Plate via mysunshinevintage on Etsy.

I really like botanical illustrations like this--that could be one approach to design, making it look old-timey and detailed like this. Squids and Octopus - 2 Sided 1972 Encyclopedia Book Plate

Octopus Hugs Embroidered Flour Sack by EmbroideryEverywhere, $13.99

Octopus Hugs Embroidered Flour Sack Hand/DIsh Towel

Octavio Octopus This amazing octopus has been taken from an early collection that was published in 1686 by a French naturalist, Bernard Direxit. The collection was originally put together to further the knowledge of conchology and other marine life.

Print Vintage Giant Kraken Octopus Natural History by Gardarica, $7.77

Vintage poster Giant Kraken Octopus Poster Natural History Art Print: Scientific Illustration Art Print

The Octopus Engraving 8 x 10 Giclee Print Upcycled Collage Antique Engraving Old Illustration Recycled Art

octopus  Canvas Print

octopus Canvas Print

blue ring octopus illustration

Blue Ring Octopus Illustration Blue Gold Cream by JewelRenee

I like the way this octopus is moving

Favorite animal: OCTOPUS octopus - the colors in this are beautiful!Inspired for a project with a series of patterned animals in monochrome.

The Octopus Tree by oodreysmart on DeviantArt

The Octopus Tree I came up with the original concept back in High School. I came back to it when brainstorming ideas for my boyfriend's tattoo leg sleev. The Octopus Tree

Intricate Teal Blue Octopus" by Jeff Bartels | Redbubble

‘Intricate Teal Blue Octopus’ Art Print by jeff bartels