Zayn guys look at his eyes

Yeah, he knows how pretty he is.  xD

ahhhh zayn is perfect.


Punk Zayn Malik Can this happen please

When he had all this hair and you could just imagine running your fingers through it and then slapping him in his perfect face. | 30 Times Zayn Malik Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction In 2013

30 Times Zayn Malik Was The Most Perfect Member Of One Direction In 2013

This makes me so mad and disgusted of you haters I had enough of you haters saying that zayn malik is a terrorist ok that's your opinion but I am so disgusted what did he do to you ???? Please all directioners repost this I bet his will stop I love zayn he inspired me to chase my dreams I am not just doing this because I am Muslim too I am doing this because I care

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Why Zayn, Why do u always hav to be a angle

Stahp. So Zayn has this camera-radar thing imbedded in his DNA that makes him look beautiful in every single pic, even stuff like this of him just strolling down the street. I think he needs to share that beauty with mere plebeians like myself. Por favor. -E

One Direction Zayn Malik Black Biker Leather Jacket

Happy birthday NIAAAALLLEEERRR !!!

Niall in Anan Magazine. His eyes are beautiful!

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Zayn Malik of One Direction for Event (Magazine)

Zayn Malik Fans : Photo

Zayn Malik Reaches Out to Louis Tomlinson After His Mother Passes Away

Zayn Malik wearing one of me and @Ali Mislowsky's fav outfits of his, the 2 button white t-shirt combo #jkwehateit

Art Zayn Malik one-direction

You little shit. gif

Most Perfect Moments of One Direction at the BRITs.

tarzssın :D

one direction zayne

I refuse to believe he is a real person and I've SEEN him in person and I don't believe my own eyes. He is too effing perfect to be real.

And zayn continues to kill me with his perfectness

Zayn! Aww I love his bow!

Zayn at the BRITs red carpet