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Timeless Skating, California Claus Grabke by Ulrich Kattenstroth

Stacy Peralta - Upland.

The world wasn't ready for the Z-boys, there was so much aggression, they were more like a street gang than a skate team. Alot of them were taken by Craig Stecyk.

Micke Alba, High Roller Skatepark, 1979 #Skateboarding

Micke Alba, High Roller Skatepark, 1979 Malba is a Vikings of Skate fan:)

Weekend vibes

Chicks can skate too. Tony Alva:) I've been inspired lately by the Z boys and Dogtown. They brought a whole new dynamic of skateboarding .

Tony Alva

CalStreets Vintage Skater Collection Tony Alva Photo by Warren Bolster --- Aww shot! Nick - a skater dude wid the fins.