How did they do that??? Technically, I am not quite sure, but have you ever seen a land to water transition like this? Reminds me of something you might see at the Garden of Cosmic Speculation or something.

Lunuganga, experimental home garden of the Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, outside Bentota, Sri Lanka. Started in 1947 and evolved until It is a small hillock surrounded with marshy areas created by the tide

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I adore this walkway through the ferns and over a creek at Innisfree Garden in Millbrook New York. Its meandering path adds so much to this scene, and it was great fun to walk on. It looks simple to.

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Modern eclectic garden design concrete pond - Gardening Go

Big City Lights

contemporary water feature set within low clipped hedge from Chelsea Flower Show 2008 - The Savills Garden

and nothing matters when we're dancing: Geoffrey Bawa

edificecomplex: “ Heritance Kandalama by Geoffrey Bawa “The Heritance Kandalama hotel was built by Sri Lanka’s greatest architect, Geoffrey Bawa. He began his career as an architect at the late age of.


criss-crossing rills, sculpted in granite slabs, run down to the shadow pool Tom Hoblyn’s Homebase Cornish Memories Garden / Chelsea 2011

A brief trip through the history of time: the evolution of garden design

Working as a garden designer, people often want to know what informs our choice and where the influences come from, or to use that rather hackneyed expression, where we get our ‘inspiration&

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hard landscaping punctuated by grasses at Brookvale Residence by Andrea Cochran Landscape-this would be a good thing to do on a cement patio, say around a pool area, to offer some privacy as well Equisetum architectural plant

Tenniswood Inspiration

Tenniswood Inspiration

Bonn garden by Piet Oudolf

Bonn garden by Piet Oudolf

by Burle Marx

What an exciting water installation!

Tree hedge

Pleached hedges frame the amazing rural view. Pinned to Garden Design by Darin Bradbury.

Garden by Lodewijk Baljon Landschapsarchitecten

Garden by Lodewijk Baljon.

Enclosed garden is not alike with limited light and connection.

A Japanese Courtyard -Shimabara,Kyoto,Japan 2014

Box hedge squares, with tree

this lush look can be created year round, euonymous manhattan backdrop, columnar pear trees, boxwood hedges.

ROTUNDA by Citylaboratory Grand-Métis, Quebec

2014 - The Rotunda / Reflective dish of water to be installed at International Garden Festival in Quebec - Festival Les Jardins de Métis / Citylaboratory