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Skull and keys. My favorites

Keys & Locks: Skull and (Tom) I like this one as it uses the keys as the bones in a classic skull and bones format while the nose of the skull is the lock which shows a unity between all aspects of the picture. IGNORE THE FLORAL STUFF

O Dia e a Noite ,em eterno giro. O caminho sem fim ; o circulo. A morte e a vida ,na grande ciranda ; O ciclo.

trapped the bird dies, sorrow. the other cries. snake feels no remorse, it is natures course. soon too the snake must die. if I told you not, I speak a lie

Metal skull. Skull is creepy but I like the detail in it maybe on something else.

Figurine Punk Rock Skull Ashtray In the enchanted world of Fairyland, our fairies are collectors favorites. Each charming figure is handcrafted with careful attention to detail, from the delicately carved wings to each figures floral adornment.

La Fin du Printemps by Siddhartha http://www.skullclothing.net

Digital art inspiration

Awesome Very Interesting Art (La Fin du Printemps by Siddhartha)

Tibetan skull carving

Tibetan engraved human skull

skulls art History bones Ancient Ancient Art tibetan keep-it-for .