SAMPLES-pg-2 | D'Palma Bros. Terrazzo Flooring The Jr. High had Terrazzo floors (and I finally learned what they're called)

Terrazzo Samples (Continued) Our Samples Are Listed According to Our Own Company Codes. For Questions Contact Us. A Member of Our Staff is Happy

The wheel of design is always turning, and at no time is this more delightful than when something you remember from your childhood as being particularly dowdy is suddenly the height of chic

Terrazzo: The Forgotten Flooring Material is Back, and Better than Ever



What do you think of the comeback of terrazzo finish? The terrazzo trend started last year, to explode this year both in interiors and design

Painted terrazzo •

Check out society 6 wher this is sold on multiple surfaces - painted terrazzo 2 Art Print


Floors or benches - Diespeker works with only the very best materials available; from the natural beauty of granite and marble to standard and bespoke terrazzo.