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I absolutely love this

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Guardian angel.

Had a metal angel emblem that read "Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly" in my car when I was in my accident. Count your blessings!

(sequel thing) "...What did they look like?" Ender asked, blinking slowly, acutely aware of the lack of change in light behind his eyelids. "Well..." Gredian answered, pondering for a moment. "They looked like... stars. Heralds of bright white light, but not everybody saw them that way. They walked right past people, and nobody even noticed." "Mm..." Ender sighed. "I wish I could've seen them."

Instead of Angels, Ace. Alby says this to Daire when he gets back after two very rough days before waking up again.

I want to be an Angel #pibetaphi

I want to be an angel, With my sisters I will stand, A halo 'round my forehead, An arrow in my hand. Pi Beta Phi This is the verse we can never remember

Think of your soul this way...rid your life of all that keeps you from your true self

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. Quote by Michelangelo

Pi Phi. @Casey Johnson @Holly Foss @Lizz Montgomery, @Katherine O'Dell @Jill Spence @Angela Corr @Jamie Thomas Rushton @Emily Haas @Winter Skelton @Christen Bass @Katie Parrigon @Meagan Smith Mitchell @Leslie Freeman @Angela Sutton @Michelle Dirst

I think I have a slight addiction to all variations of "Keep Calm and ." considering I have three posters and a shirt with variations on this theme (Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake is a favorite)!