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White Witch : Photo A white candle can be substituted for any color, if your intentions are good and true.

Witch's Garden

:: The Witch's Hearth :: Magic + Witchcraft: Witch's Garden Assorted Herb Associations Correspondences

Wouldn't that be cute? Every person write a wish for the couple then take a picture with it and all of them get burned at the same time??

Write wishes on Bay Leaves, burn to help them come true! Totally works--even if it's just a bay leaf that you draw and cut-out.

The Elements

this is so cool, my fiend and I watched a series where she loves the ice guy and I love the fire guy, she's a cancer and I'm an aries

I chose this because it describes Wicca in a summary. I see Wicca as a form of feminism because of religious freedom, based on ones own interpretation. I think about how women used religion to as a way to deal with sexism in their everyday lives without organized religions.

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What is Wicca? Truth for all those who seem to think it is all about sacrificing animals and babies. Probably the most peaceful religion around.

The Colours of Magick

Magick Spells: The Colors of Magick. "Book of Shadows 08 Page by Sandgroan, at deviantART. See more of this series of BOS pages on my Book of Shadows I board.