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Joey: You don't own a tv? What'a all your furniture pointed at? Friends TV show quotes

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Ohh, Joey.

oh, chandler.

Oh Chandler.in the back of my mind it's ''don't act like a nerd, don't act like a nerd'' then I say ''and I couldn't get my ninja's alignment to drop enough so I had to make him a samurai and now he sucks''

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Friends is one of the most famous shows in the TV history. It had everything we searched in a TV show - Humour, Love, Reality and much more. Oh, and they had Chandler.

Friends Fun Facts!

Friends Fun Facts!

I honestly couldn't bring myself to imagine anyone else playing the roles of my Friends. I also just realized how Negative of a letter N is.


"I'll never be a bride again. Now I'm just someone's wife." - Monica Geller, Chandler Bing - Mondler - F R I E N D S

I've been looking for this for like a month

Joey has the same face when Monica said,"Hey, Rachel, can I borrow your eyelash curler? I think I lost mine.

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-"It's white" -"paper, snow, a ghost!" I love Friends

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