The 5 W’s Of Heart Attacks In Women | Zenith Nutrition

Heart disease is the number one killer among American women over the age of yet only one in five women knows that heart disease is their greatest health threat, according to the American Heart Association.

Good to know I'm doing the right things! But I still have to extra safe according to my cardiologist

A Healthy Lifestyle in Your 20s Can Reduce Heart Disease Risk Later

Don't Forget about Causes of Congestive Heart Failure that no one wants to tell you about. Vitamin D Deficiency, carnitine and selenium are essential to consider

Nutritional causes of congestive heart failure are many and varied. Vitamin D, thiamine, magnesium, selenium and more can cause heart failure.

Millions Die Of Heart Disease Every Year Because They Don’t Take These 8 Food (Heart Attack Prevention Healthy Food)

A bit alarmist and title is wrong, but describes 8 foods that are helpful in keeping healthy and avoiding heart disease.

Not only is there a CONNECTION between Congestive Heart Failure and Vitamin D Deficiency, but it may be the CAUSE and the CURE in many cases!

Low Blood Pressure And Heart

20 Amazing Facts About Your Heart

23 Amazing Facts About Your Heart (Infographic)