Those that criticize don't know what you paid...they have no Idea how hard it could be and talk to loud!!!

So very true! People should not judge others if they only know one side of the story. no matter what the other person is to you. always know both sides before you judge and criticize The other person you know nothing about.

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The greatest prison, people live in, is the fear of, what other people think, meme

Why Complaining Is Holding You Back & How To Stop | Collective-Evolution

When you complain, you make yourself a victim. Leave, change or accept -- all else is madness // eckhart tolle


Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care. A loyal person is far to valuable to risk losing them.

blood makes you related loyalty makes you family quote - Google zoeken

and more than half of the ones that are 'blood' sure as hell aren't my family. not loyal, not loving. and definitely not caring, so they are not my family. i have more friends that are closer to being my family than my relatives are.

Keep thinking what you want. I know the truth.

Quincy Jones: Not one drop of my self-worth depends on your acceptance of me. And just as importantly, no one else's self worth should depend on my acceptance of them.

"Do not get upset with people or situations, both are powerless without your reaction" -Unknown

A beautiful quote from Darwin that I found at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

"Do not get upset with people or situations, both are powerless without your reaction" -Unknown

Truth 101

Remain True Behind Your Back - Life Quote Glad I have good friends who are loyal and tell me what goes on when people think they're being clever.