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Installing into wood frames is most commonly found in residential locations. As illustrated, the main requirement is a spacer trim, generally 1/2"- 3/4" wide to separate the stained glass from the thermopane. As with any stained glass window, each individual panel should not exceed 14 linear perimeter feet.

Kessler Studios designs, fabricates and installs contemporary stained glass and mosaic artwork for churches, schools, government buildings, as well as public and private art collections.

Processes: Glass Grinder Maintenance

Glass grinders are often the main machine used in stained glass. They are important machines to many of us and so need proper maintenance.

Art Deco Stained glass

❤ - An Art Deco domestic casement window, Melbourne, Australia, shows a wide variety of textured glass with some streaky glass in muted colours. What is not to love about the cart deco period?

Stained Glass Supplies: How to Clean a Stained Glass Lead Panel

How to Clean a Stained Glass Lead Panel - Delphi Artist Steena Gaut demonstrates how to clean cement off of a lead stained glass panel using whiting powder.


The inner and outer brass tubes are long and are used to make hinges for stained glass boxes. This set contains 5 inner tubes and 5 outer tubes.

My new stained glass work area!

What a terrific idea, putting the grinder inside an aquarium to confine all the splatter!

Recycle scrap solder into new bars.

"Recycle scrap Solder" down solder scraps and make new bars of solder. This clip shows how to make simple molds for casting bars. Don't throw scraps away,.

lots of stained glass how-to instructions via Free Patterns for Stained Glass

Step by step stained glass instructions for lead came, copper foil, cutting glass, designing, and much more.