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(same comment as another similar feather pin) I definitely want one of the three main flowers (one of the side ones) to look like a feather but be made in part by art utensils--paint brushes, scratch art carvers, pens, pencils, etc.

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I really want this tattoo! Original India Ink drawing or tattoo design by SlowDesigns on Etsy. Id add a protea in pink and maybe morning glory in blue

Custom Tattoo Illustration for Alyssa C by SlowDesigns on Etsy Rose, Sweet Pea and Morning Glory feather with bits of paisley designs Custom Feather tattoo

Custom Tattoo Illustration for Alyssa C

Benutzerdefinierte Tattoo Illustration für D.J. von SlowDesigns

Custom Tattoo Illustration for D.J

Feather illustration, tattoo idea, customizable I am not generally into feather tattoos because everyone gets them, but this one is cute

Digital feathers Feathers Digital Clipart by MSweetboutique

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