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tattoo by Phil Garcia

Master of Floral among other styles, Ink Master Phil Garcia (Part 2 of

The only time I'd EVER consider getting a tattoo would be in white ink, very small, on my ankle. And it would say , "Levi" ... That's the only reason I would consider getting one. A visual reminder that Levi is always with me, even if he isn't here "in person" he's always in my heart. He will always be with me.

Hope In White Ink. I like the white ink idea. Maybe i will use for my foot tattoo

Love the lace behind the rose ♥

Tattoo by Mark Stewart of Four Aces Tattoo in Aldinga Beach, South Australia. Rose portrait with freehand lace background done on the arm- gorgeous!

The past can hurt, but you can either run from it or learn from it. The Lion King

"The past can hurt, but you can either run from it, or learn from it" - I love the placement :) The Lion King quote


50 Rose Tattoos for Women

The heart tattoo is quite a symbolic tattoo. In this case, it doesn't have to represent a broken heart. The dagger heart tattoo may have a constructiv.