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new momma love.....

new momma love.allow some sap.I feel this same way about my kids 18 & 15 years later.

Mums, please!

" Mom, please forgive me!" * * " MOM CAT: " I willz think about it. I can'ts look at yoo cuz yer so cute;

Depósito Santa Mariah: 2012

Sweet little kitten child, you have no need to be running wild yet! There will be plenty of time for that when you get older! Until then, just stay snuggled up next to your mama, and I promise everything will be okay!

I mustache you; will you give me a treat and a scratch? ;^p

Wow, This is Almost Freakish! A Mustache on a Cat and Calico One at That! Very Unique and Cool.

Unique Cat Breeds! - Pet Attack

It's a Scottish fold Munchkin cat! this has got to be the cutest thing ever. This is my dream cat