Merlin's beard...

I never knew what Neville forgot either! I just thought Neville forgot everything.

I'm going toooo killlll u..........or get ya expelled!!!! Muahhaha

Well, both Voldy and Harry did it more than once, so obviously it's not that big of a deal.

"Oh yeah you do that and il uhhh, Hey! Look little lever oh shoot it comes down sweet.. you done? Ok I wasn't actually interested..."

I think we all felt extremely awkward in this situation Harry. We feel your pain. I noticed this, and always felt like I was the only one laughing at it!

Awe. JK Rowling

Rowling on Harry potter "Rock bottom became the foundation on which I built the rest of my life.

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The more interviews that I read about the HP cast, the more I fall in love all over again.<--But really, I get so impressed when I find out that a certain scene was actually improvised

Fred and George are the most underrated characters of all time

i love ron weasley, funny harry potter pictures // "it's not Ron cuz you have standards" XD

Ha ha ha! Maybe the truth is hidden in the Chamber of Secrets...

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This is why I love this fandom. That's so sad I really feel sad that she feels that way even though she is a book character

Tom Felton I always wondered why this line wasn't in the book. Now I know! :)

I didn't know this was improv! It's one of my favorite lines from this movie!

All bow down to Hermione Granger

Funny pictures about Hermione is the true badass. Oh, and cool pics about Hermione is the true badass. Also, Hermione is the true badass.