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Such a lovely poster of Matthew. But why in a poster of just him by himself, why have him so small?

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This photo has accomplished they impossible. To write a sentence that I found hilarious

Willy Wonka / Doctor Who theory. Unfounded, of course, but very imaginative and smart! It's been years since I read 'The Great Glass Elevator,' but it is very Doctor Who, isn't it?

Willy Wonka / Doctor Who theory. So can we have a Willy Wonka/Magic School Bus Xover where this final Doctor meets River/Frizzle?


11 Gorgeous, Poignant Pieces Of "Doctor Who" Fan Art. Eleven: I only call you that when we're alone. Sexy: We're alone now. Eleven: Alright then, come on Sexy.

Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor.

Aren’t you a beautiful boy…

Hahaha the Doctor's face when he realizes Rose was talking about a cat. <---- what really cracks me up is that he's experimenting with back-combing!<----Also, the cat was ginger. Didn't he want to be ginger?

This is one of my favorite parts of that season simply because it explains America so well.

The Doctor can usually argue his way around guns with British people. He forgot he's dealing with Americans. Americans will always try, even if given absolute proof that they can't do anything

I glad that its not weeping angels, otherwise i would be weeping....and dead.

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