another cute monster

Russian artist Dmitry Maximov, created this fascinating set called, Invaded by Little Aliens. Using a mix of photography and illustration to create micro worlds, centered of solitude, where strange creatures seem to explore the world.

圖像 - Google 搜尋

Digital photo manipulation by Russian artist and illustrator Dmitry Maximov

Art et Cancrelats: Mikrotom - Itsy Bitsy Spider

Inspired by · SciFi · Monstermovies from the & · H. Wells · Francesc Capdevila AKA Max · Nature (however corny that may sound ;

Young Russian Artist Dmitry Maximov

Incredible series of surreal photo manipulations by talented Russian artist Tebe Interesno.

Top 44 des superbes photos manipulées de Dmitry Maximov

Top 44 des superbes photos manipulées de Dmitry Maximov

tebe interesno

Between photography and digital illustration, a selection of beautiful and fascinating surreal creations by artist Tebe interesno, native from Russia.

JMacDonald - Paintings - Painting portfolio

portfolio of the oil landscape paintings and prints of artist John MacDonald of the Berkshires in Williamstown Massachusetts.

Whippoorwill Hollow

Psychopomp’s Song by Frej Agelii (for Fantasy Flight Games’ Dunwich Legacy Deluxe Expansion) “It is vowed that the birds are psychopomps lying in wait for the souls of the dying, and that they time.