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The smart e-bike

Mercedes Smart E-Bike. Bike sales more than doubled in Germany last year, and Mercedes, through its Smart brand, is keen to get a piece of the action. A motor provides the power, and with a 62 mile range.

Genius Bike Stand lock

Kick Stand & Lock or Quick Stand & Lock which one you prefer as a bicycle locking system. Quick Stand & Lock is a concept design by Soohwan Kim, Junho Yoon, Dohoon Lee & Hyojin Park.

lemanoosh:  http://www.cycleexif.com/canyon-urban-concept

For Canyon team, pure cycling means designing and building the best bike to share our passion for sport. Canyon Urban concept bike was born out of the idea to

paul smith kashimax 468x351 Paul Smith x Kashimax

Paul Smith ◊ The Man -The Legend – The Brand

Paul Smith and Japanese bike saddle maker Kashimax team up to support the Bicycle Film Fest, with this unique saddle in classic Paul Smith multistripe leather.

Faraday Porteur Bike ($3500) Merging the convenience of electric with the looks of a classic, manages to straddle the line between the two with grace. Thanks to lithium batteries that are cleverly hidden inside the frame, it looks like a traditional everyday rider, with only an on/off switch and an e-ink battery readout to belie its true nature — pedal, and it will automatically match your power, and when you're wanting to exert less effort, hit the boost button for a little extra help.

Faraday Bikes is raising funds for Faraday Porteur on Kickstarter! Faraday: The ultimate electric propelled utility bicycle

Three custom-made bicycles inspired by influential works of art and design.

When Art Meets Transport: Stylish Bikes Inspired by Works of Art

To celebrate the birthday of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Handsome Cycles imagined three bikes that correspond to three artworks featured in the Ins

Have Ford and the Apple Watch Created the World's Safest Bicycle?: A bicycle so smart it will notify you of bad road conditions as well as calculate the effort needed to reach your desired location.

15 World`s Most Unique Bizarre Bicycles by TechCinema

Hybrid Bike for the Century Rider - Kenny Roberts PiCycle

Nieuwe superlichte S-Pedelec van Protanium | Elektrischefietsen.com

Eurobike Leichte E-Bikes und Pedelecs aus Karbon im Trend - ebike-news.

focus thron 27r electric bike

2015 Focus Thron Impulse Speed E-Bike, diamantschwarz-matt 45

Viva-Belissimo-Urban-Bike-Fahrrad-Nabenschaltung-Shimano-Nexus-7-Gang - Tap the link to shop on our official online store! You can also join our affiliate and/or rewards programs for FREE!

Urban Bikes mit Nabenschaltung: Überblick für die Saison 2015 (Teil 1

- Tap the link to shop on our official online store! You can also join our affiliate and/or rewards programs for FREE!

Oopsmark Fahrrad Weinflaschen-Halter

Oopsmark Fahrrad Weinflaschen-Halter

If you like wine and you like biking, you're going to love this. The handmade leather bicycle wine rack is perfect for taking a bottle of wine with you on the go. It easily attaches to most bike frame