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Birds of Paradise

Indonesian Most Exotic Birds_ Blue Bird of Paradise Blue Bird of Paradise or the scientific name Paradisaea Rudolphi is a kind of medium-sized birds of paradise, with a length of about of the genus Paradisaea. Blue Bird of Paradise there a

Bird of Paradise

Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise - (Paradisaea raggiana) is the national bird of Papua New Guinea and in 1971 this species was included on the national flag. It is distributed widely in southern and north eastern New Guinea, where its name is Kumul.

Superb Bird-of-paradise - Andrew Leach Projects

Superb Bird-of-paradise - Andrew Leach Projects. I've seen a documentary with these birds.

Bird of Paradise (male)

Beautiful bird Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus denise) At the beach! Male Foja Parotia Bird of Paradise king bird of paradise

Colorful Birds -Hummingbirds are so tiny and beautiful.

27 + Beautiful and Colorful Bird Types from Around the World that You Should Know

White morph Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi) in India by Doraiswamy Swethadri. This beautiful bird inspires me!

Bird of Paradise by Ruberman Rodriguez

this is not a Bird of Paradise. it is a Victoria Crowned Pigeon, not native to Indonesia. ********Bird of Paradise by Ruberman Rodriguez