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DIY Costume Corset

DIY Costume Corset, CRAFTOVISION (has some awesome website attachments to making your own corsets)

how to turn a men's vest into a corset - Google Search

Something else to do with your (thrifted) vests: Turn them into corset-like tops. Vests are perfect. You might need to take them in at the sides, though.

Reversible Corset Tutorial by ~Reine-Haru on deviantART

Reversible Corset Tutorial by ~Reine-Haru on deviantART While corsets were not common fashion in early Tudor period, a few pieces have been documented in that period. If you want a nice one that's reversible, this is a good tutorial

How to Make Adventure Time Fionna Cosplay Hat? | miccostumes.com/blog

This is my very own Fionna Hat Tutorial! This will show you how I made my Fionna! This isn't an "official" way to make the hat and you can try your hand. Fionna Hat Tutorial (The Wire Method)

LOVE this Kevin costume. Thinking family costumes for Disney Halloween party...Russell, Dug, Carl, and Kevin. So fun.

Cute Couple Costume: Kevin and Russell from Disney Pixar's Up