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Břichopas about toys: loutky / puppet

Olive Ark - little driftwood figures - 150 of them made, Dunbar's number, the perfect number of individuals in a community


John Dahlsen, enviro artist and contemporary painter - driftwood collection and assemblage art

Art Propelled: SHADES OF GREY

Driftwood assemblage--another reason to go to Michigan this summer.

♥ Marc Bourlier e il fascino dei vecchi legni...

Marc Bourlier, Old wood faces Uniformity but sence of difference too. Love how the case and the items are so close in colour and texture

Shipwreck Painting By John Dahlson of Australia www.johndahlsen.com

Recycled art classes idea "shipwreck"- John Dahlsen Contemporary environmental art wall work, made from found driftwood objects. Abstract recycled art created from driftwood collected from Australian beaches.