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The forest inside my head. Where I go running with wolves. LUMEN cover ideas ---love the picture but weirded out by the link

ART — Фотогалерея

Margarita Kareva is a Russian photographer takes fairy tale pictures, swans, lady of the lake, white dress, crown

Aloha Gaia Jewelry “Autumn Vibes” Campaign photography & styling Dara Muscat

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Fairytale Photos By Margarita Kareva // the watch could be representing the theme of time and as it is white it reminds me of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

TOP 10 Stunning Fairytale Photos By Margarita Kareva #Part 1

alina starkov is that you? (edit- this actually reminds me of Nina bc of the wolves and Matthias and yeah.

Photographer Alexandra Bochkareva loves working with redheaded models. However, series Autumn and Winter had double the pleasure because there were two red-haired beauties in front of her manual Helios 77m-4 lens - Polina or Olga and a trained fox named Alice.

Fairytale Portraits Of Redheads With A Red Fox By Uzbek Photographer

Alexandra Bochkareva is a talented self-taught portrait and fine-art photographer, who's focuses on sensual portraits of redhead people.