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IS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU. Proverbs The generous will prosper; those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.

Thanks, you used me well.

Thanks, you used me well.

Or maybe he'll never. #Narcissist

I hope that some day you see the damage you've done to the people around you but considering you are a narcissistic sociopath, it won't be any time soon. your children will suffer a life time because of your selfish decisions.

Deja el pasado atrás

When your past calls.let it go to voicemail.it has nothing new to say & if your past leaves a voicemail it's best to delete it.


Always. If you treat me well, I'll be nice to you and I won't have an attitude. Of you treat me badly, I can be a real b-word. It all depends on how you treat me.


Loving Jesus, Finding Feminism

I liked the original version before. but i like this better. And it makes me not like the original version much.