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Paint-Splattered Close-Ups

50 Hot Messes


This is a requested look that is inspired by the Rammstein song "Engel" but also highly influenced by the work of this girl , that I have .

Graffiti girl // Halloween makeup ideas

9 Hauntingly Beautiful Makeup Ideas, Courtesy of Tumblr

Nanis can do things with her eyes. Her eyes hold the power to solve many things. With her eyes she can do as little as pick up trash from the side of the road to saving someone's life. She gives a deep and gazing stare and then the magic happens.

Mercura NYC Original Pop Bead Sunglases Cover Fashion Photography 101, New Book By Lara Jade Coton

pot beads by Mercura NYC also featured in PLEASE! Magazine this month, limited edition earlier, in styled by Elizabeth Stuart in Accessories Market Magazine

Credit: Frans Lanting/Corbis Rhinoceros beetle (Xyloryctes thestalus) This beetle is able to carry loads of more than 30 times its body mass and is among the strongest animals on earth. In comparison, the heaviest individual weight lifted by a human in an Olympic competition was 263.5kg by Hossein Rezazadeh, a weight that was about one and a half times his own body and equivalent to lifting four average-sized people. The Rhinoceros beetle is found in Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico

Gold medallists of the natural world – in pictures

Up Close and Personal - Rhinocerus beetle (Xyloryctes thestalus) - Pixdaus

Natural Eye Makeup for Prom | Faviana Fashion Blog - Fashion and ...

Natural Eye Makeup for Prom

The dropped eyeliner trick is where you apply eyeliner to only half of your bottom lid and full line on top, almost as if you’ve dropped the line or your eyeliner half way.

Glamour Photography Of Female Celebrities By Russel James | bigpicture.in

French model Noémie Lenoir shaved her head in 2007 for her movie role in Rush Hour Photographed by Russell James.