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Almond coffee cookies

From Peter Salerno’s Kitchen: Italian Christmas Cookies Cooking With Nonna’s Recipe for Almond Coffee Christmas Cookies When it comes to authentic Italian cooking, you can’t do an…

Ricciarelli - Tuscan Almond Cookies

Italian Wedding Cookies are made with butter, confectioner’s sugar, flour, chopped nuts and vanilla extract.

Lemon & poppy seed biscuits | Karen Martini

Karen Martini - Melbourne chef, restaurateur and food writer.

My dad’s sisters and my grandmother often made Italian Egg Biscuits, or anginetti, for weddings along with other Italian cookies.  I remember watching my grandmother and aunts many times bake cookies for large crowds.  My grandmother worked and shaped the dough while one or two of my aunts quickly dusted the finished cookie in powdered sugar … … Continue reading →

Egg Biscuits

Our family recipe for sweet anginetti or Italian frosted egg biscuits. Lower sugar/fat than some

Chewy tahini & almond cookies

Chewy tahini & almond cookies recipe by Kimberly Parsons - Preheat the oven to Line 2 baking trays (baking sheets) with baking paper (parchment paper) or patisserie mats. Get every recipe from The Yoga Kitchen by Kimberly Parsons

Margaret Fulton burnt butter biscuits

This month, The Cookbook Guru’s feature cookbook is The Complete Margaret Fulton Cookbook. The Margaret Fulton Cookbook was first published in The version I have was published in A re…

Italian Egg Biscuits......I remember these with a little orange juice in the icing.

Italian Egg Cookie large cups tablespoon cup corn cup cups all-purpose tablespoons baking cups confectioner’s sugar, cup teaspoons vanilla