Comic Illustrations by James Harren

Bprd long death issue 2 splash James Harren is a Brooklyn, NY based artist who has obsessed about comics and manga since grade school. He drew some of the incredible fan characters of BPRD with more monstrous, horrific ideas.

DarkSouls3 - bosses splash by uger.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

"Dark Souls bosses splash art" Is what it said on my frie ds board, I ha e no clue what this is lol but it looks amazing.

VampireMan and GhostBoy Chapter1 Splash Page6 by WhotheFuckisRemBroo

guys, here is a new page from the comic I'm working on right now "VampireMan and GhostBoy", a non-standard superhero vs. VampireMan and GhostBoy Splash

Проблемы нашего ЭГО

Проблемы нашего ЭГО

Wolverine by James Harren

Felix Comic Art :: For Sale Artwork :: *Commission Samples* by artist James Harren