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Sleek Sci-Fi Planters

Cheap vases small, Buy Quality vase pottery directly from China vase decor Suppliers: Suspended Tetra Hanging Terrarium Glass Planter Flowerpot for Succulents Globe Glass Hanging Pot

Geometric glass terrarium "cuboctahedron" - handmade glass terrarium - planter…

geometric glass terrarium cub octahedron handmade by boxwoodtree

Large Vintage Glass Geometric Terrarium by ethanollie on Etsy. $155.00 USD, via Etsy.

Large Vintage Etched Glass Geometric Terrarium

Score + Solder Terrariums by Matthew Cleland

Score + Solder Terrariums by Matthew Cleland

Geodescent_Terrarium_Large.jpg (1580×2048)

The Rune terrarium is a beautiful soldered glass terrarium filled with the finest greenhouse succulents (chosen from a family-owned local nursery). Complimented with driftwood, sand, and river stone, it's a.

The Uncool

Modern handmade goods from around the world: this is IAMTHELAB. We showcase modern handmade from around the globe.

Inspirasjonsbilder 27. mars

Handmade to order with glass and lead free solder. Comes with a kit which includes rocks, sand, activated charcoal and a quartz crystal. Plants and soil are NOT included.

Icosidode Terrarium by Score + Solder