Faye Dunaway has always been a favorite.Chapeau rouge, Faye Dunaway, Manhattan, NY photo by Jerry Schatzberg, 1968

Красота, вдохновленная природой - Быть Драматическим Типажом. David Kibbe Dramatic

Быть Драматическим Типажом. (Absolute Dramatic Lines)

Faye Dunaway received her second Oscar nomination for playing her signature role of Evelyn Cross Mulwray, a mysterious femme fatale in Roman Polanski's masterpiece, Chinatown.


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Academy Award winning actress Faye Dunaway turns 73 today - she was born in Some of her many films include Bonnie & Clyde, The Thomas Crown Affair, Network and Chinatown.

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"I didn't have any confidence in my beauty when I was young. I felt like a character actress, and I still do" Meryl Streep . Love her!