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I shot the serif, a capital offense by Tom Gabor - my two faves. puns and fonts. and my dad's a cop. so that's funny too (he's the deputy. the one who didn't get shot.

Confessions of a Designer - Quotes from the world of design lol. I always use Comic Sans. Does being a first grade teacher count?

Confessions of a Designer - Quotes from the world of design

"Comic Sans is never a acceptable font. Unless you are an 8 year old girl writing a poem about unicorns." - part of the 'Confessions of a Designer' series, designed by Anneke Short This is exactly what my teacher says

These would be great for blogs or image creation. Handlettering, Typography | www.juliesongink.com

i love these fonts. there isn't one i really don't like and i feel like that's rare? so this may give you a good idea of the types i like other than dasha~

I am not fat, I am bold.

'I am not fat. I am bold' via DesignInspiration --- Some Graphic Design humor ;

Hilarious Graphic Design Pun Cards.

Hilarious Graphic Design Pun Cards

Sara Heffernen has created a brilliant series of humorous posters that can only be truly appreciated by designers.

Humorous Puns Illustrated Posters for Designers

Sara Heffernen - Crop it like its hot Graphic Design Inspiration – Punny Design Posters

Quotes Collection: Something To Believe In

Quotes Collection: Something To Believe In #29

Did you know that every time you stretch a font somewhere a designer cries? SO TRUE

avant didot

This is a very proper but slant typeface that i really like. Its like seeing this typeface at a store in the the mall, and the background is very plain but bright and i also like how close the letters are

I love stencilled lettering, and typefaces with very pronounced thick/thin features.

Typography inspiration

This Olga logotype reminds me of the Great Gatsby for some reason. It looks intriguing and flashy with a hint of mystery behind it, which basically describes Gatsby! I like that the "g" extends into a


Quotes Collection: Something To Believe In #22

Graphic and UI Designer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Graduate from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a BFA in Art & Design and Minor in Computer Science.

Hilarious Graphic Design Pun Cards: http://theultralinx.com/2015/01/hilarious-graphic-design-pun-cards.html

Hilarious Graphic Design Pun Cards

Sara Heffernen's fun card series teases the 'need' of graphic designers to tweak imperfections in text. She includes some other common design no-no's. Consider it insider designer humour!