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Crash Course in Copywriting From 'Mad Men' #infographic | @HubSpot

The Ultimate Copywriting Crash Course, as Taught by Mad Men (Infographic)

The Opening Line.

How To Write The Near-Perfect Subject Line To Get Your Email Read. The Opening Line: Crafting The Subject Line That Gets Your Email Read.

MadMen Career Comparison - A little on the low side, wouldn't you say?

Madmen career comparison infographic for some reason, the numbers seem a bit off.wouldnt Don be todays CCO and not just CD?

Great info our our business from my Aussie friend, Kate Toon.

Freelance copywriting infographic: facts, figures and insights about the dark word of copywriters from Kate Toon Sydney Copywriter.

Copywriting and  Science

Copywriting How to Craft Compelling Copy Copy writing tips & ideas, to use persuasive language & words in your business and marketing