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A RARE OTTOMAN DIAMOND AND RUBY SET GOLD TIARA, TURKEY, CIRCA 1800 the foliate openwork frame supporting attached elements set with cut-diamonds, the centre with a large diamond floral rosette radiating diamond-set petals issuing floral sprays set with diamonds and rubies, the crown with a star and crescent motif, suspension loops to the sides

This rare ruby and diamond tiara comes from the Ottoman Empire, Turkey, c. Its openwork frame supports a large diamond floral rosette in the center surrounded by diamond petals and floral sprays. On top, the crown boasts a star and crescent.

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Spanish Royal Jewels - The Mellerio Shell Tiara Made in 1867 by Mellerio dits Meller for Queen Isabella II of Spain in the shape of a scallop shell set with diamonds, diamond briolettes, and pearl

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From the top down: A pearl and diamond tiara/ bracelet /brooch combination. Art Deco Diamond Tiara by Boucheron, Ca AN ANTIQUE DIAMOND TIARA Belle Epoque old-cut diamond tiara. Belle Epoque Sapphire And Diamond Tiara. (absent from photo: No. by oldrose

Queen Alexandra's Kokoshnik Tiara. Presented 1888 by the Ladies of Society to the Princess for her 25th wedding anniversary. Garrard.

Queen Alexandra's Kokoshnik Tiara: The Ladies of Society, the 365 peeresses of the realm, gave this tiara to Queen Alexandra on the occasion of her silver wedding anniversary in -This looks like the crown Anastasia wore in the animated movie.

Aquamarine & Diamond tiara, c. 1910

Aquamarine- my birthstone. This aquamarine and diamond Belle Epoque tiara was part of the estate of Christian, Lady Hesketh. It has graduated aquamarine clusters interspersed with sprays of diamond myrtle leaves.

Diamond And Sapphire Tiara From The Russian Crown Jewels. The tiara is better know as Empress Maria Fedorovna Sapphire Kokoshnik Tiara.

Royal Tiara Challenge Favorite “Lost” Tiara Sapphire Romanov Tiara This tiara, well a photo of a tiara, is one of the four previously undocumented Russian crown jewels found by the US.

Un estilo kokoshnik diadema rusa de diamantes y cristal de roca, donde el cristal de roca ha sido grabado con un patrón celta.

Tiara of rock crystal panels engraved with arabesques by Cartier in February 1912 for Baron Pierre de Gunsburg.