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{yellow tri-level cart} vintage with electrical outlet! want.

{yellow tri-level cart} vintage with electrical outlet! my grandmother had this without the electric outlet.via Stormy Brown

Had one hanging on the wall right next to our kitchen phone

Pop Open Address/Phone Number Book-remember parents and grandparents having this

Five and Dime Store

Dime Store - Love the wood floors and the shopping baskets---brings back memories! The dime stores I remember always smelled good, too! Tucker's 5 & 10 was awesome but I loved the ones with creaking wooden floors too

The 70 best thing from the 70s. Ever.

70 things from the '70s

Do you remember World Book Encyclopedia, and the annual year books they published? I had at least 7 of the year books!

The "loop" got soggy and sticky, BUT...If you ran & fell with one of these in your mouth.....it didn't get shoved thru the back of your throat!

Saf-T-Pops, I remember the bank tellers & grocery cashiers handing these out for the time when they chgd the stick, we use to unravel the paper handle on these.

PRELL Shampoo 1960s: the "pearl" at the bottom of their bottle of shampoo just like the awesome dinner plates that came in a box of laundry detergent contrast the striking difference in the excellence of those days and the mediocrity of today.

Prell Shampoo- Remember the pearl?in their commercial they would sink a pearl in the shampoo .

Blast from the past by aurelia on Indulgy.com

Crib with decal. I managed to somehow survive this unsafe crib as did my kids! Oh gosh , this looks just like the baby bed I slept in , i remember climbing out of it to get in the bed with mama and daddy

We thought we really had something. We could lock away our private things.

Vintage Jewelry Box Ivory Cream Gold Script Edges Brass Lock - Mine was in pink instead of ivory and I still have it!

lovely mid-century dining set.

Formica Table & Vinyl Chairs - oh yeah This is the exact table I grew up with in the So many memories!

Als je dit doosje omdraaide, hoorde je het geluid van een loeiende koe

Turn this over and it made a moo sound! I think I remember this from the church nursery when I was little.

ヅ ᗪσ Ƴσմ Ʀҽɱҽɱɓҽɽ Ꮗɧҽŋ?? ヅ ~ Ha! I used these when I was young, for brush rollers.

Vintage Curler Pins held the brush rollers in. I slept in them. I remember waking up with dents in my scalp from where they rested.


Another awesome pasttime. You and your friend each sit on a seat facing each other and rock. Mine was on a swing set, so I could also stand in the center and swing if I was alone :)

Burning your bum on the slippery dip

Hot sun on metal playground slides. But was still fun - especially if you used a sheet of waxed paper under your butt to go faster!

.....When the black dot turned red you were good to go. I still have a set!

When the black dot turned red you were good to go. Used this exact set EVERY morning while in high school!