'Please tell me that's not my dad..'

Horses and dog matching. Love that little foal. 16 Reasons Jack Russells Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

Gentle love ✿⊱╮

"Love you Mama" Mother getting loved on by cute baby foal with a loving nuzzle hug. So cute. Mare is lying down in the lush green grass.

Buckskin (a tan or gold colored coat with black points - mane, tail, and lower legs, but no black stripe on back).

Out of the Dust - Fine Art Wild Horse Photograph - Wild Horse - Sand Wash Basin - Fine Art Print

Romantic Pink Hawaii Beach Elopement - Inspired by This

Romantic Pink Hawaii Beach Elopement

Romantic Pink Hawaii Beach Elopement - Inspired by This, Paint horse with flower crown wreath on its head.

BEAUTIFUL                   HORSE pic.twitter.com/IFhdNyPeXV

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Gypsy Vanner Horse - Easily recognized for their leg feathering and common black and white or "piebald"coat color

Beautiful clipping jobs!! My horse is seal bay, so they wouldn't show up as well on her though

car sez: It is common to leave the winter coat on saddle area, but this goes from functional to wildly decorative. Very bling.