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'Please tell me that's not my dad..'

Horses and dog matching. Love that little foal. 16 Reasons Jack Russells Are Not The Friendly Dogs Everyone Says They Are

Next up 'Genetics Chart' EDIT: Added a whole bunch of stuff!! Im really glad with the response ive had from this, eveyone is so friendly and eager to learn! Thanks guys, you make me so ha...

Equine Coat Color Chart ~ Some of them aren't quite the same as I've been taught (Strawberry vs.), but good reference nonetheless.

I have had a few times were I had to trust my horse to get me out of a tough situation in Montana!

horses are my life. They are My favorite animal. I have been riding them before I even started walking.

His name is "Find Your Destiny Rumor Has It"! Bay Roan in color. 33.5" height. AMHA registered.

Gorgeous Red Roan Stallion-- more of a bay roan or grullo? wouldnt red roan have a more sorrel or chestnut as a base hue?


Friesian black horse stallion dressage baroque, mare and foal, gorgeous horse running in their pasture, field, black beauty.

Fhater and Son

Look at how closely the head and front quarter markings are on mom and baby. Amazing how genetics will come through at times.

There's a wolf on that horse!

Rumor: A mother tiger at a California zoo nursed a group of piglets after her own cubs died.


21 Ridiculously Photogenic Animals [PICS]

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Gypsy cob, love the feathers,and her coat is beautiful. It reminds me of misty mornings. If she were mine,I'd nam her Misty or something like that