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If TG is meant to be a frikkin romance drama <<< Tsukiyama, lol

It somehow pierced my little heart  TOKYO GHOUL #TokyoGhoul #KanekiKen

It somehow pierced my little heart TOKYO GHOUL #TokyoGhoul #KanekiKen

Akimiya (@akidandroid) | Twitter

Akimiya (@akidandroid) | Twitter

Shiganshina trio

I love when Armin is at the center of the Shinganshina trio art. I helps me remember that Eren and Mikasa care about a lot and never want to see him hurt


Touka seeing Kaneki in all his glorious hotness XD Jace and Jericho?

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul all kanekis

Tokyo Ghoul | Volumes, http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Toukyou-Kushu If anyone wants to read it for free click on the website above.

guess who's pre-ordering the volume in english which comes out in 124 days ;

"So, how do you feel about Haise Sasaki?"....why would you do this??!!!

"So, how do you feel about Haise Sasaki? my poor suffering baby. << I want KANEKI BACK!

Tokyo Ghoul || Kaneki Ken || Kirishima Touka

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This right here was what should've been the ending of root A lol

Tokyo Ghoul Credits to the artist

[Doujinshi] Chuyện chưa kể về Kaneki và Touka!

[Doujinshi] Chuyện chưa kể về Kaneki và Touka!

Touka & Kaneki

Kaneki - Toka

Tokyo Ghoul :re

Toda história tem os seus dois lados! Se vc gosta de sangue, terror, horror com uma colher de criatividade vc vai gostar deste anime(Tokyo GhouI)Um anime que vai fazer vc falar..."quanto e mil menos sete?

Tokyo Ghoul characters and Durarara cross over.

Kaneki, Touka, and Nishiki ||| Tokyo Ghoul Fan Art

Tokyo ghoul kaneki x touka

Accurate ||| Tokyo Ghoul Fans, Kaneki, Sasaki, Takizawa, and Hide ||| Tokyo Ghoul: Re Fan Art

Super cruel :v

Drown out

Mekakucity Actors - Kagerou Project - Shintaro and Ayano