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Caption yo

From the episode "Doomsday." Can we take one moment to appreciate that they were staring at Rose? Look at that Doctor hiding a grin. [I've got a huge smile on my face right now!

Rose and 9

This is one of the most powerful scenes I think in all of Doctor Who. The Doctor really opened his heart(s).

you know you're a Doctor Who fan when...

I don't exaggerate about being a fan in one particular thing.i tend to have variety of interests but not ever in being a fan. Sorry to anyone that is a fan

Rose Tyler and the Tenth Doctor.

Aren’t you a beautiful boy…

Funny pictures about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Oh, and cool pics about Aren't you a beautiful boy. Also, Aren't you a beautiful boy.

David+Tennant+Doctor+Who+Memes | doctor who ** David Tennant 10th DW meme

River Song: Pretty Boy, with me I said.// The Doctor: Oh, I'm Pretty Boy? Oh, that came out a bit quick.// The Doctor: Pretty?

Take me to your leader. I love how they lighten scenes with these sort of silly things about the Doctor.

Doctor Who 24/7 on

Well this is the first time ten has said it nine said it in episode four--and the fourth doctor

The doctors companions. Wheres river though?

Rose, Donna, Martha, Amy - Doctor Who - I love this cause they are all important in their own way, they were all exactly what he needed when he met them :)

His name is the Doctor!!!

*raises hand* David Tennant is right, his name is "The Doctor", but it's not wrong to call him "Doctor Who". Doctors One through Nine are called "DOCTOR WHO" in the credits! In fact, other former Doctors refer to him as "Doctor Who".

"Fingers on lips!"

Doctor Who and Rose Tyler. Wallpaper and background photos of Doctor Who and Rose Tyler for fans of Badwolf - Tenth/Rose images.

Geek Universe - Page 4 - Live Long and Geek Out - fanart & cosplay - Cheezburger

Why Do We Need the Doctor?

We need heroes who fix things, who come to help, and who have "extra heart". not heroes who blow up stuff and surprise themselves on the rare occasions that they feel for someone else.

Some REALLY great hair.

David Tennant's hair is the BEST out of all the doctors in my opinion. <---- David Tennant's hair is the best out everyone's.