This is really detailed for a storyboard sketch. Some artists can really set the bar with his or her design.

Shamine Athena King - Storyboard homework for LASALLE College of the Arts sketch // composition // layout // movement

Uma dica e referência para storyboards para vários tipos de ângulos de câmera.

Storyboard - Part of How to Draw for Storyboarding: Drawing & Composition for Visual Storytelling (Super long webpage!

Skeletal Sketchdump by *Canadian-Rainwater on deviantART:

Skeletal Sketchdump by *Canadian-Rainwater on deviantART - This skeleton is having a real good day.


How to Draw for Storyboarding (Click through for almost unending animation, comics, illustration, & film resources.


GrizandNorm « Tuesday Tips - 2 Basic Storyboarding Rules Here’s 2 tips that are so simple it hurts when I forget them. In the process of re-boarding over and over, they can be lost in the shuffle sometimes. Drill these 2 tips into your head!