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Emily Thorne and Aiden Mathis Smile in Revenge Season 2, Episode 9, "Revelations"

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Who do you think will die on the season finale of 'Revenge'?

Who do you think will die on the season finale of 'Revenge'?

Emily VanCamp: ‘Revenge’ Season 2 Trailer – Watch Now! Check out the new trailer for the much anticipated season of ABC's hit show Revenge, starring Emily VanCamp as Emily Thorne, who seems to be in a deep sea of trouble!

Revenge has become the 2011-2012 season's new mystery drama, replacing what LOST was for the ABC network.  The show gives what the audience wants but still leaves room for wanting more. And getting a taste for what happens later in the season in the pilot episode was a different sort of narrative technique audience members don't see often.

Its a great drama thriller tv series takes place in Hampton named Revenge. Revenge is a series relating to the revenge of a woman name Emily. She always plans for the revenge on all those who had affected her life and are fresh in her mind.

What I Like About You (2002–2006) ~~ Comedy | Drama ~~ When Holly's father is transferred to Japan, she is sent to live with Valerie, her big sister, in New York City, and turns Valerie's life upside-down.

What I Like About You Was A Good TV Show.I Loved Amanda & Jennie. One of my all time favorite shows!

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Peter Jackson bestätigt: "Der Hobbit" wird doch zum großen Dreiteiler

The Hobbit Gandalf - This poster features Gandalf, leader of the Elves and Bilbo Baggins going for a stroll. The Hobbit movie is based on J.R Tolkien's prequal to the fantasy book series, The Lord of the Rings.

Law & Order: Criminal Intent - Goren is one of my favorite TV characters

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Nielsen infographic shows how long it takes to binge-watch popular tv shows.

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