A hot cup of tea and book in a fireplace. by Eduard Bonnin - photography inside the cafe ** This image is heaven. A mug of tea, a good book, and a fire.

Top 20 des gifs qui sentent bon la détente, on est bien, là

Top 20 des gifs qui sentent bon la détente, on est bien, là

A GIF of a big fire lit on the beach and a beautiful sunset in the background. Let us imagine for a second that we are there.


Land of bear and land of eagle Land that gave us birth and blessing Land that called us ever homewards We will go home across the mountains We wil.


I'm more of a coffee man but wouldn't turn down a nice hot cup of tea over the open fire.

For my bachelorette party, I just want to have a bonfire and make smores and drink just a little and look at the stars and hang out with my best girls and have Lauren bring her guitar and dance like wild women.

I was a firebug tonight. Got lost staring into the flames underneath a beautiful night sky. Now bedtime ;

Inspiring picture love of autumn, tree lights. Find the picture to your taste!

A Good Adventure

Reading in Glacier National Park, Montana. (The photographer's note says: "Zeki learns English at Shangri La." Makes me love this picture even more, Rhian)

CAN WE DO THIS IN LA?!?!?! Please oh please oh please?!


This is brilliant! Summer beach party fire pit in style! When we have a fire on the beach, we need to do it right. We could get this done in no time if we all bring our snow shovels.