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Life Is Hard And These Signs Aren't Helping Things - 24 Pics

Life Is Hard And These Signs Aren’t Helping Things – 24 Pics

why is this a thing

Some signs exist because they're practical. Others have a hell of a story behind them. I'd really like to hear the story about this sign.

T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

I can not tell you how many times in geocaching THIS sign would have been valuable. This is SO funny!

golf fail / win, funny humor - people that live on golf courses need to accept responsibility for living so close.

You are 150 yards from center of green. You are 175 yards away from a 200 dollar glass window. choose your club carefully!

DIY Everything!!

I have the "doorbell broken." Sign on my door too but never thought to add the "yell ding dong.

I am a Survivor & so are you.

This shop makes the most wonderful upcycled recycled wood signs. Hand painted I have them hanging in my studio. Love this shop. Funny quotes sign Shit Creek Survivor sign by KingstonCreations ¤♡¤ made it out without even a paddle!

A sign that explains what to do if you find a dead body in a specific area. Actually, you should follow those steps anywhere.

Warning: Public Safety Notice If you discover a dead body, Do NOT attempt to give medical assistance, Do NOT approach within 5 meters. Report incident Immediately.

Just keep turning, just keep turning #sillysigns

The top sign tells you to turn right in order to go left. This is confusing, you would think to go left you would turn left. This requires high cognitive effort because you might have to think about this for a second. This was found on the virtual domain.