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Striations in Sandstone. Chimney Rock Canyon. (Striations in Sandstone. Chimney Rock Canyon.)

Striations in Sandstone. (Striations in Sandstone.

Boulder brain coral (Diploria strigosa), the spawning of this is super cool to watch. It disperses only eggs or sperm. It releases their eggs, investment is small. But SECORE takes these babies and grows back in lab at ZOOOS (aka my job)!

I'm inspired by the colours in this image as well as the unsual patterning of the brain coral, it could be simple yet effect imagery to work with in terms of pattern work.

bark - Washingtonia robusta- reminds me of contours and maps, i find the layering satisfying and transferable to textiles for fashion

Book Review: Bark, by Cédric Pollet

bark - Washingtonia robusta ( Line work, design, fragment & detail )

Sand and Rock. Porthleven, Cornwall by SARK S-W. Love the natural patterns =)

Porthleven, Cornwall by SARK S-W. Love the natural patterns =) Sand and Rock. Porthleven, Cornwall by SARK S-.



Delectable Decadence

I chose this image because I think it has amazing texture. The texture of the leaf and the veins create an amazing image. The water droplets add to the texture and help create strong light and dark areas.

15_10_27_web.jpg (600×400)

A pattern of wave action left in the sand at low tide

Moqui Balls are iron oxide concretions which erode out from the Navajo Sandstone in the desert Southwest.

Moqui Marbles, naturally occurring iron oxide concretions that arise from navajo sandstone. Very prevalent in the Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument (I have a small one of these that looks like iron balls formed together!