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Yeah, I really don't get it when people act like WW is the first ever female badass on screen. Like, there's literally decades of warrior woman TV and film to go at!

buffy (buffy the vampire slayer) & xena(xena warrior princess) are the last two

Spike v Angel. Its long, but worth a read if you are a fan!

This is a fascinating comparison of Angel & Spike and analysis of the not rape scene. Buffy - Rant about Spike vs Angel by ~airagorncharda on deviantART . I love both Spike and Angel. Angel is definetly worse soulless than Spike is though.

I have that same sense of humor. I always say "I hope ___" and fill it in with the worse outcome cause it's funnier that way

That was pretty much my reaction at first.but then I fell in love with the whole Buffy/Spike relationship.