Aesop Elements Shop, Hong Kong

Aesop Elements Shop, Hong Kong

Aesop store by NADAAA, Hong Kong ~ A complementary structure that houses the sale counter, demonstration sinks and an embedded bench seat is situated opposite. Meticulously crafted contoured wooden fins are fitted to the ceiling, creating an undulating surface that filters light to mediate the geometries of the interior. The intricate modern design is anchored by sisal flooring.

aesop adds a new store to its growing retail network in hong kong, and this time it's at ifc mall.

Aesop's Hollywood Road store features pale oak, copper and blackened steel

Australian skincare company Aesop has opened a new store in Hong Kong that features shelving made from blackened steel, plus sinks made of oak and copper.

hong kong: aesop store / nadaaa (boston)

hong kong: aesop store opening

aesop continues to expand its retail network in hong kong. the newest store has just opened at festival walk mall.

As you move further into the interior, the floor texture changes from old wood to sisal carpet, subtly emphasising the transition from the busy street to the quietude of the store.

Aesop Shibuya by Torafu Architects

A blackened steel counter continues into a mirrored wall in this Aesop skincare shop by Japanese studio Torafu Architects.

Aesop Shibuya by Torafu Architects

Aesop Shibuya by Torafu Architects

Aesop Shibuya store by Torafu Architects Tokyo 06 Aesop Shibuya store by Torafu Architects, Tokyo

new Aesop store designed by torafu, opening in Yokohama

イソップが新丸ビルと横浜ベイクウォーターに新ショップオープン - 建築デザインはトラフ建築設計事務所 - 写真1

Aesop store interior

Aesop& in-house design team worked with Parisian architecture and design studio Ciguë to create the interior of their new 33 sqm store in Nottingham, UK.

skincare shop | "aesop" | osaka, japan | by architect shinichiro ogata

osaka: aesop store opening

aesop store - Cerca con Google

Store concept for Aesop - Copenhagen, Denmark. We were involved in concept development. Main materials were earth, concrete and plywood. Fur, copper and stained oak. Proposal made in December 2012 - not built.