That's just cool!

Turned an antique Coca-Cola bottle carrier into a holder for different kinds of oils and vinegars.

PENDANT COKE lamp vintage Coca Cola 6 oz. by L1DlightsNthings, $30.00? Dad has these bottles I wonder if he would let me use one to make one of these.

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Hand poured clean burning soy wax is gently poured into this cut and recycled glass Coca-Cola Bottle. The wick will burn clean and slow as the warm aroma fills your home. The aroma of carbonated cola. You can actually smell the carbonation! - $22.99 each

Set of Two Hand Poured Cola Scented Soy Candle in Cut Coca-Cola Glass Bottle (Coke Bottle Projects)

Coke Door by Vegas

A red Coca-Cola Door. This would be a very cool shed door or something.