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This exactly what goes through my mind when people say I am weird for liking KPOP.

Try 700 years older...

Tom Hiddleston- Chris Hemsworth- Zachary All those men are at least 15 years older than me.

Cut ppl off in mid sentence and finish what they were going to say with kpop lyrics

How to cut people off in midsentence and finish with kpop lyrics xD

Exactly! To all the non-kpoppers

Oh hey just put some music on like Spotify or something likeee yaaa u want some emo shit (we don't talk about it go onto my bandom jokes board for reference) or kpop.


This is me, even though I hate hugs happiness does give you that feeling. On the other hand does anybody say little bitch in Ned's voice from the try guys when they had facials done?