Sorry Bangtan i can't protect u from pause << Pause Button Magic is the strongest in the workd

Yoongi looks like he just wants everything to end already  accurate af

BTS is proving their rising popularity by signing an endorsement deal with SK Telecom and becoming the new face for the company. On February SK Telecom


Boys Republic reacting to snakes << I laughed my head off at Minsu's inability to get a proper word out without stuttering



When he came to Myanmar 16 June I still can't look at fancams from that day. Still miss him like crazy :'( BTS

Jajajaja esa sería mi cara también XD

honestly a little weird although so funny and why did anyone take a picture but we should all love SUGA MY BIAS

Omo can you not?! Why do you have to be so cute for! ahhhh Vhope  Hoseok and Taehyung aish

Omo can you not? ahhhh Vhope Hoseok and Taehyung aish. but I do ship Taekook soooo

Besides the dyed hair of course. It would be all natural and delicious with just their black hair.

They are perfectly made! God made us for a reason. And bangtan were made so that we can enjoy their awesome music and personalities! It shouldn't be about the appearance.

"Come on Taehyung, lets find your mummy" #BTS #TAEHYUNG #J-HOPE

jhope: alright tae calm down we'll find jin sooner or later also jhope: fuck me in the ass with a garden hose i swear if this bitch don't shut the fuck up with his annoying ass cryin imma beat his ass before jin can