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Lmao kaisoo forever

Kai, You better not be cheating on your boyfriend. Kaisoo ♥ EXO Next Door ^___^

Kyungsoo is looking for his Kai.. | allkpop Meme Center

and at the right timing for pinning, after Kai consoled by Ravi 'coz Soo was flirting with Hyunsik XD

7 idiots who ruined my life - Google Search

While KaiSoo share a very loving relationship, ChanSoo is a very violent, errr, I mean passionate one. No wonder Channie is constantly afraid/paranoic when messing with Kyungsoo DD:


The list just keeps growing, next it will be fanboys' fanboys' fanboysXD BigBang, BTS, Target

Oh Baekkie. Both are things you should be confident about in my opinion but you should be proud how Kai still remembers it xD

Baekhyun be mad that Kai stole his; so he had to show him up and flash the pretty-pretty hands^.

Jealous Kris! I can just see what's going on inside his head: "You stay away from him. Stay away from my PANDA!" <---- XD

Lol Kris be watching Sehun getting all touchy with Tao! Aw I miss TaoRis😢