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Luhan & Lay fact

hahahahaa cute lay and luhan. I can say I'm more like luhan.

Exo Facts. He is too tall....

EXO facts - holy crap, that's about It seems that everything I hear about SM points to it being totally full of shit. I've yet to hear positive things.

Holy sh*t what when why

What idiot would do such a thing? What happened! I need details! This is terrible. :( I really do feel bad I can't protect them.

EXO Facts ♥

Im the same with Luhan and Sehun but the others two for me are Baekhyung and Chanyeol. That 4 were the hardest to lear. Galaxy hyung is high as always.

Exo fact #184

Because he'll stab you with his unicorn horn!really wrong.

EXO Facts // I can totally imagine that

EXO FACT ♡ - 99 I wonder to which point he is different.