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BTS// But wait, Jhope is also in hyung line, some months older than Rapmon even. But I can see he's placing in maknae sometimes though ^^ << Hmm 🤔 I’d place J-Hope in the Hyung line too though

Aww but they're still just as sweet Suga loves his dongsaengs so much and Jungkook may seem like an ungrateful little sht a lot of the time but he also respects and loves his hyungs a lot as well ❤️omg have same problem😂still tall fam tho

Perfect describing! XD | allkpop Meme Center

Perfect describing! XD

Puberty hit Jungkook so hard..


Puberty hit Jungkook so hard. Hes was smaller than jin now hes past him!

se tivesse um fantasma desse atras de mim com certeza eu iria me apaixonar #SUGA #BTS

He’s like the person that comes to your room at am if you didn’t share that thing to 10 of your closest friends 😂

So cuttteeeee

VMIN loves to imagine things or its only V?

So cute so I found out that family members think I'm cute like some cousins and uncle and aunts so I use that as am advantage


Dat last caption xD is true what rapmonie said. Jiminie is the grandpa of the group

12 shades of Christian Chim Chim

My personal faves are for sure black, blonde and that absolutely gorgeous grey he had ❤️❤️❤️ >> and ash blonde but i loved the red hair too , scrap it i can't choose i love it all

Repin & Like. Listen to Noelito Flow #Noel Music…

Why do they all have awkward smiles tho (except for Hobi and Suga) Hahaha—-omg namjoons face ahaha